Once Upon A Dream by PhanÐira

Happy to announce that I published a novel through AuthorHouse UK.
You can order for the hard copies from the links below.The ebook format are available for download on AuthorHouse US, Amazon, Bookdepository, and Barnes&Noble. (http://bookstore.authorhouse.com/Products/SKU-000961562/Once-Upon-A-Dream.aspx)

Book title: Once Upon A Dream…
Genre: SciFi.

Once Upon A Dream tells a story set in a fantastically bizarre future. It is told by way of a dreamscape, mind-trip narrative style that presents a quirky take on an undeniably strange, but oddly familiar future. It is a different world with a different manner of speech. Readers are taken through the dreams, the nightmares, the past, the present and the possible future.


For Nigeria: http://www.amazon.com/Once-Upon-Dream-Dream-Dream-Phandira/dp/1496988701

“Once Upon A Dream”
By PhanÐira
Softcover | 5 x 8in | 306 pages | ISBN 9781496988706
E-Book | 306 pages | ISBN 9781496988713
Available at Amazon and Barnes&Nobel; AuthorHouse UK


Script: [VALEREX]: Land Of The Same King

I feel not only the logline and synopsis are important when trying to market a script. If every character in the story has a very unique role to play, I believe tabling out the “characters history” adds something nice and vital to the whole “pitching” thing. Characters History will just tell the reader some of the key things every character will do and their relationship with other characters.

This is a script I started writing on 15th January, 2013, the major thing I worked on was identifying the important characters in the movie idea. The title is “The Same King”, of which if it gets really interesting then I could name it further, “Valerex: The Land of the Same King”. I particularly don’t know how to classify a story into just one genre, so “The Same King” is basically Fantasy, Action/Adventure, a little Epic, a little Underworld, and Film Noir… (whatever that means 😀 lol… It is not really “Film Noir” though..).

Since the whole story is still under construction, I’ll now try playing around with the “characters history” I talked about, or maybe “Charactography” (trying to fit “biography” into the picture).

It is hard to pen down a logline before writing the script, but maybe this one will do for the “Valerex” script: “Soldiers who killed their king for being a dreaded werewolf bite more than they can chew after realising the king’s entire lineage have been werewolves from time immemorial.”

1. King Ottovera of Valerex: King of Valerex, husband and father. Killed by his army after he was found guilty of being the werewolf they’ve been hunting.

2. Queen Euvera of Valerex: Wife of King Ottovera. A mother of two, and Queen of Valerex. Her sudden death made Ottovera stroll out carelessly without covering his tracks as the werewolf.

3. Lady Callivera of Valerex: Daughter of Ottovera, later Queen-Mother. She banished her son Maxwell to Tygrix, the land of no moon, so she could hold off a revolution alone, sacrificing herself in the process.

4. Prince Rexuel (Later King Rexuel of Valerex), son of Ottovera and brother of Lady Callivera. He died for the same reasons as did his father and forefathers before him.

5. Prince Maxwell of Crox (Later King Maxwell of Valerex and King of Tygrix); protected by his mother Lady Callivera, Maxwell survived an attack from his army after he was accused of being the werewolf terrorising the land. He went to Tygrix where he was aided by the lady Jasmine to become King, and plotted a return to Valerex with the rapidly evolving “wolfmen” of Tygrix.

6. Lord Calvin of Crox: Maxwell’s father and husband of Lady Callivera. He was killed while trying to protect King Ottovera from his own army.

7. General Lynx Rela (Later Sir Lynx Rela); Takes pride in hunting werewolves. He was knighted by Rexuel for killing his own father, King Ottovera. Lynx later led the attack that brought about the death of Rexuel. He also attempted to execute Prince Maxwell but met his end at the hands of Lady Callivera.

8. Jadson Rela: General Lynx’s son and Maxwell’s best friend. He was caught in between the line during an attempt by his father to arrest Maxwell. He was shot several times by his father’s army after his motive was misjudged.

9. Jasmine Rela: (Later Queen Jasmine of Tygrix and Valerex): General Lynx’s daughter, admired by Prince Maxwell. She found Maxwell lying helpless at the River Youlv on his way to Tygrix after he was sent away by his mother Callivera. With the aid of a Witch of Sewid, Jasmine brought Maxwell to Tygrix where she used the charms the sewidian gave her to lure and secretly kill the Crown Prince Iris of Tygrix. She then persuaded the king to crown Maxwell King of Tygrix, promising to return the people of Tygrix to their rightful place in Valerex. After Jasmine had a son of her own, she plotted to get rid of all the Vera clan and Tygrixian werewolves, crowning her son as Infant King of Valerex, hoping he won’t turn out to be the same king of old.

*Phew* I think this will be enough for now, save the other characters for later. When the script is done I’ll certainly post some of the scenes in the Movie Lyrics category of this blog. 🙂