Hallucinations of the Prinsediran XV: Until We Become [Supernatural]

Here comes that time again, self-acclaimed “abovists” regularly believe they are above everyone… Moi not excused, and here again Moi said, “I am here with you though I am above you, tis a truth you refuse to acknowledge, yes then knowledge eludes you…”

Just as you’ve refused to acknowledge the answer to mankind’s many problems.

Why does it rain? Yes the crops need it, but after giving them a fill, it doesn’t just know when to stop until it floods everywhere and perhaps kill a few [many] persons.

Why does your hair keep growing? And the beards alike? Yes the beauty needs it, but after beautifying your appearance it doesn’t just know when to stop until it makes you look untidy… It is now a known fact that no matter how well you shave today, you’ll still do it again in a few days time.

Why does your clothes ever need to get dirty? Who is dirt? Waster of weekends, that’s who she is. Wash, wash and wash and woe betide you when you’ve got just a few sets of clothes.

Why do you ever hunger and thirst? If men had no tongues and stomachs and throats, there will actually be nothing worth going to war for…man lives and dreams and plans and works/fights simply for what/how he’ll eat, drink and survive. Even if you acknowledge this as a problem, man will still hunger and thirst for food and water [blood and money].

Why do road accidents ever occur? Who set the laws of collision into place? What if there wasn’t anything like collision…certainly a million more loved ones would have been roaming the earth.

Why do people ever lose control of their emotions, hurt those they love and say things they’ll regret? Why can’t people be in love with one another forever? How do people ever end up offending one another? Why are people not just compatible with everyone else?

Why do people ever lose control and possession of kindness and become evil?

Why do we stay awake [alive] even when our dear ones are asleep [dead]? Don’t be too proud, don’t dare underestimate the terrible power of loneliness.

Seasons come and go, surely it won’t stop. People come and go with it..yes, sadly the seasons themselves take some people along… The flood kills, the storm kills, the hurricane, the heat waves, etc…

And to Moi, Me said, Shall I not say then [that] even in it splendor and beauty, our problem is nature [even the nature of man]?

Problems abound, Moi said, until we dream supernatural, think supernatural, and act supernatural… Until we listen to the supernatural, until we become [ourselves] supernatural.

Prinsedira, Wuzybury


Hallucinations of the Prinsediran XIII: The Prayer Bank [Store Up Answers]

I for one am certain I am alone, but Moi for two, I know not where the words come from. Sitting alone and yet together with Moi, Moi said to me…

Let me [Moi] tell you about the Prayer Bank, a place where you can store up answers.

It is true you cannot trick God, yes, why not confess you are indeed trying to trick Him…faith! I’m just imagining He folds His arms and chuckles at that confession. My friend, you must endeavor to be a friend of God as well.

Now God and Money are [two] masters (Matt. 6:24]. So, why should you treat God way less than you treat money?

With God, plan ahead. Just like a bank policy, if you need money, it is easier to collect from the very amount you’ve saved. Anything extra [a loan] will require more letters, more time, more meetings, more handshakes, and more protocols.
Yes, same could be said for prayers.

Pray years ahead of time, think hard, foresee your needs and put them into prayers, for when troubles [needs] arise, it is easier to collect an answer from the little you saved up with God.

My favorite, Moi said, will be our daughter who we are expecting soon. Pray for her [K.K. Jemima], that she’ll be healthy, that she’ll be strong, that she’ll be talented, that she’ll be brave, that she’ll be Agradable [Kindhearted], that she’ll be unique, that she’ll be loved, that she’ll be born again, that she’ll be intelligent, that she’ll be safe, that she’ll go out and come in safely, that she won’t be hurt, that she’ll not be bitten or beaten or molested, that she’ll not be tortured, or flogged, or taken captive, that she’ll be a success, that she’ll not be involved in any form of accident or die prematurely.

Cast on time all your worries about her to God, yes, you know them all. There’s nothing new under the sun. Then watch Him give you the answers at the appropriate time. Live a miracle, be strong in faith.

And that is just an example, I cannot read your heart desires, neither can I make them known publicly; your future, your plans, your hopes, your family, your friends, your duties.

So then, sit, be calm, yes smile if you may, think, envision, foresee and pray. Store up answers for yourself hence it will be easier for you not to panic or “forget” to pray whenever any form of trouble seem to be taking over.

Thank you for banking with us 😉