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It’s Monday morning as I type this and I can tell you I feel tired already. I’m sure most of you feel like the weekend was so short! Why!!! Who brought up the rule of a two day weekend anyway? In fact to me it feels like 1 day because my Sunday is filled with church activities. Ahn ahn couldn’t they have made 4 working days and 3 days weekend? I’m sure that would have been better even though I’m pretty sure we humans would still have gotten to the point of complaining about how short 3 days are.  Anyway, here I am whining about needing more days to rest when there are people praying fervently to get a job… Lord forgive me!

Everybody loves Saturdays, it’s the day you get to wake up late and be lazy but have to do the laundry, cook awesome meals, iron, clean the…

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The comments that followed this blog… LOL


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Getting your unsolicited script made, or even read by a production company, is about the toughest way to break into the industry, but lots of people still ask me about it so here’s my two-pennies-worth…

get unsolicited script read by production companies

If I go back only ten years I could have written a list here of nearly a hundred film and television production companies who would accept scripts submitted by new writers (writers they didn’t know, and who didn’t have an agent).  I know because I made a living reading for about twenty of them.  Sadly, that is no longer the case. It costs money to employ readers to plough through tens of thousands of scripts each year.  The reality is that of those thousands of spec scripts, only a handful will be good enough for the production company to want to develop it and try to get it made.  In essence the return on the money…

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Smileys Are Needed

I don’t know what age I’ll get to before I see smileys as irrelevant. For now, I just love them and where they seem not to exist, I improvise *grin* 😀

Surprisingly, 2go ( has the smiliest set of smileys, although there are no *ROTF* or *dancing* or *eyelashes* as found on BBM. Maybe I love the smileys on 2go because that was where I normally chat with my first love *nods*. I played ‘smiley games’ most times and my heart will skip whenever I see the sad face smiley on 2go, gosh, that smiley looks so so sad and I always avoid using it unless I’m indeed sad. The ‘craziest’ smiley on 2go is the ‘devil’, it has a big grin on, a total mockery of the devil. The devil on BBM is just funny and looking very mischievous while the angel on BBM looks so holy that anyone who uses it is simply accused of blasphemy. The ‘cry’ smiley on BBM makes me laugh. Lol.. it can only represent a kid crying for a 6th bowl of ice-cream during the Christmas holiday.

Only cartoons or cartoon-men use smiley-like expressions when talking face to face with someone. For me, smileys represent the intonation of my voice, the intention of the swear word I’ll use on you and how I want you to interpret it.

“Yes, you are an idiot! *grin*” and “Yes, you are an idiot! *straight face*” doesn’t exactly mean the same thing. One is apparently a joke/sarcasm and the other simply means “you are an idiot, go to your room and think about it!”

Before I forget, whatsapp should work on their smileys, they look like imbeciles, apart from the happy faces sha *smiling*. Hey, enough already… See you later.