Hallucinations of the Prinsediran XX: I Am Beginning To [Be Human]

It is meant to be an era of new beginnings, and Moi has not been left out. Like the rest who are ‘obsessed with the idea of long life on earth’, Moi said to me;

I am beginning to hate those who hate me
I am beginning to love those who love me.
I am beginning to hate silence, the silence of the silent ones.

I am beginning to think of those who think of me
I am beginning to forget those who forgot me.
I am beginning to sting the weak, a mouth full of praises for the strong.

I am beginning to gossip about those who gossip about me
I beginning to love myself more than my neighbours.
I am beginning to fling those who flung me, and off to find those who found me.

I am beginning to betray you
I am beginning to tell stories about you.
I am beginning to make mistakes on purpose, and make an apology for things I plan to do again.

I am beginning to desire your homes
I am beginning to desire your jobs
I am beginning to desire your food.
I am beginning to crave your happiness
I am beginning to wish you sadness.

I am beginning to crave for bad news
I am beginning to create bad news.
I am beginning to love the downfall of my enemies.

I am beginning to be human.
But until that transition is complete, don’t assume I am there yet;
For I still love silence.


Hallucinations of the Prinsediran X: The Delusions [Of Prinsdeur]: I Am Fast Asleep

And in an unprecedented event, fortunately, or rather unfortunately, my hallucinations met my delusions, sleeping or awake, how it happened, Me do not know. And of course, Moi said to Me, “let me [Moi] explain this to you, O Prinsdeur, for I am His Dextrezza, The Very First Prinsediran to roam this realm.

You are here, but at every point in time, four or more things happen to you in a precise sequence, this you are very sure of. And Prinsdeur said,

“I am in love.
I am about to get married.
I am sleeping.
I am going to wake up from that dream.”

I am a Prince
I am building my palace in Phandira
I am fast asleep
I am going to wake up from that dream.

I am a General
I am currently fighting for the peace of the world
I am totally asleep
I am going to arise from that nightmare.

I am an evangelist
I am uniting the Church
I am fast asleep
I am going to wake up from that dream.

I am a writer – stories, songs, events, games, realities, fantasies, shows.
I am the First Pen Bender
I am the Last Ink Bender
I am an award winner
I am going to sleep
I am going to dream about it.

I am an educator
I am building my university in Wuzybury
I am fast asleep
I am going to wake up from that dream.

I am a father
I am awaiting my daughter, K.K. Jemima
I am awaiting my 70 sons
I am snoring
I am going to wake up from that dream.

I am a city builder
I am raising structures throughout the states
I am fast asleep
I am going to wake up from that dream.

I am an administrator
I am governing my people
I am fast asleep
I am going to wake up from that dream.

I am a philanthropist
I am lending a helping hand.
I am going to sleep
I am going to dream about it.

I am Prince [Amen-Diosdesea] Ewuzie Odira’ C.C: Prince of Wuzybury
I am still alive.
P/S: I am not deluded

Delusions of Prinsdeur: February 2013

That month of Hipnocember is not coming to life any time soon, but February has got a lot of similarities with it. In february I totally rested from all the “new year’s effort” and I’m sure a majority of you reading this also took a break from the stressful and daring New year resolutions; 28days of rest.
Halfway thru february, I was reminded of that aspect of life called “love”. Oh well… most times its hard to know who you really love, and its hard to even tell them you love them, hence we end up distracting ourselves with “roadside relationships”. Too bad for those that take you as their one true “love”.

Nothing much happened in February, I’m still in the land that has the APRF (Anti-Prinsdeur Rhesus Factor), made little contact with the “outside world”. I finally got my friends “Stanley G.N.” and “June A.U.” to see the crazy script I wrote for them in 2007- “Stop Those Nuns”. I’ve prepared the script for adoption, I’ll still want it to be a Nollywood movie, and I’ll try to convince June to try out acting when all things are in place. That includes my own movie studio no doubt πŸ™‚ (You can read some of the scenes from “Stop Those Nuns” in my movie lyrics category: http://t.co/OGoFb9r7).
I’ve also added another anthem to my Musicflakes music book- “Thou are the Christ (Matt. 16:13-16)”; that one is coming along gradually. Thinking of K.K Jemima has made me work really hard on a lot of things. And with things going smoothly, I’ve become more convinced that she will soon come to life…wherever she is at the moment. Men do have the ability to create personalities. You too should take a moment to think of whose life you can affect positively.

My days in this land are numbered now. In a few hours we’ll be in March 2013, my month of liberation from the bondage of “education”- a place you keep investing and wasting time and you’ve got to keep wondering when you’ll come alive to be useful to the world that will “soon end” πŸ™‚
There is no time. Your manifestation is being waited upon. You must dream, you must visualise, you must hurry.
*Yawns* Its good to finally wake up. Time to march on in the month of March.

See y’all by the end of March, and Happy Valentine’s to you (if you missed my greeting card). πŸ˜€

Prince Amen-Diosdesea Ewuzie Odira C.C: Prince of Wuzybury
P/S: I am not deluded.

Delusions of Prinsdeur: Introduction

Since men love to move faster than their own shadows, like trying to bring the world to an end on 21/12/12 simply by believing in the Mayan calender, I have decided not to wait any longer. There’s no light yet to form my shadow but I’m well on my way already. God’s time/plan is the best, but dreams can’t harm anyone. Hopelessness certainly harms. When you’ve dreamt too large you’ll surely begin to see the hopelessness in others. You can call me deluded but this is all I can see about me right now. No, not the future. It is right now. If a thousand years is like a day in the eyes of God, haba, as a mere man, an impatient man like moi, a day is like a week in my eyes, and a week is just over a month in my eyes. Hence, I’ll tell you about my monthly life weekly!! That’s if I don’t become so busy doing the things you’ll see here.

So, to stay connected with the stories of the deluded man who is faster than his shadow, do check on my Delusions category for the “Delusions of Prinsdeur”