Hallucinations of the Prinsediran XXII: This is Dedicated [To You]

It’s been a while, but me is finally here, to tell moi about a new found hobby – proofreading and editing project works, especially to pen down the dedication.
Seeing quite a few, I made [and I will make] the dedication:
1. To this great university, for all the tears and the laughter, a true taste of bittersweet. God made them all.
2. To my mother, without whom, I do not know.
3. To everyone who taught me kindly and to the greatest of them all, being my own mother.
4. To all of us – every one of us who depend wholly on God.
5. To God, the One unknown, the One unseen, the One above all.
6. To the light that shone on our path.
7. To me, for I am finally here.
8. To sleep, you are more than a conqueror.
9. To the sun, who is far more dedicated to trying to kill me.
10. To the moirai and the thread.
11. To them – to them – to them all.
12. To the mornings, to the nights, and to the mornings again.
13. To God, wasn’t that you?
14. To love, most especially when it’s called Rachael.
15. To the rainbow, for your zeal to accommodate us all.
16. To all our efforts, our efforts to become greater.
17. To this and that; everything that arouses our emotions.
18. To all of us who are consistently trying to go home.
19. To us, all of us who don’t belong here.
20. To those days.
21. To you, for all we said.
22. To sleep I go now [no pun intended].
23. To you who is happy for this work, Jah bless.
24. To the voice that made Chaos and Erebus flee.
25. To my mind, o dear you’re a runner.
26. To you, you actually don’t know yourself. It is you who forgave me a thousand times, now you know.
27. To the trees that made these pages, rest on.
28. To no one, for everyone has been my rock.
29. To us, to those little steps that grew into sprints.
30. To life, just so you know I am loyal.
31. To those voices, those voices that never gave up.
32. To my daughter whose coming draws nigh.
33. To those bad moments – you lost.
34. To my father, who is worth fathering the entire world.
35. To my family, just the way same you feel about yours. *[way same].
36. To the ink, to he that bends it judiciously – the last ink bender.
37. To everyone’s disapproval 😀
38. To amity, to armistice, to accord, the one that passes all understanding.