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It’s Monday morning as I type this and I can tell you I feel tired already. I’m sure most of you feel like the weekend was so short! Why!!! Who brought up the rule of a two day weekend anyway? In fact to me it feels like 1 day because my Sunday is filled with church activities. Ahn ahn couldn’t they have made 4 working days and 3 days weekend? I’m sure that would have been better even though I’m pretty sure we humans would still have gotten to the point of complaining about how short 3 days are.  Anyway, here I am whining about needing more days to rest when there are people praying fervently to get a job… Lord forgive me!

Everybody loves Saturdays, it’s the day you get to wake up late and be lazy but have to do the laundry, cook awesome meals, iron, clean the…

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