Hallucinations of the Prinsediran XII: Learn First [How To Love Her]

The heart still beats, the brain still spins, the hands still move, an ink-bender must have no rest, unless when Moi speaks again to Me, reminding me of things I pretend that I have forgotten to remember, then we are here again.

You know how to love your parents, your neighbors, your acquaintances, your pets, your food, your cloths, your job, your property, your life, your religion, your hometown, your house. You love your thoughts, your abilities, your responsibilities, your writing, your singing, your talking, your sleep…and you are yet to learn how to love her.

You can write about people, animals, places, things, in the sky, under the earth, on trees, hills, oceans, valleys and mountains. You can write melodies, music, stories, events, games, fantasies… and not one good thing have you written about her.

You make your family smile, you make those around you smile, your acquaintances, your work colleagues, your boss, your neighbors, and strangers alike…and you cannot make her smile.

The same way it goes for the few people you meet, your neighbors, your colleagues, your families, animals alike, you do make them happy… Tell me [Moi], why don’t you make her happy?

You gained the trust of the people who know you, those who seek your counsel, those who love you unconditionally. Yet with all these testimonies on your behalf you struggle to gain her trust.

To the best of your ability you have provided different needs of different degrees to different people, places and things…yet even to the best of the best of your ability you always fail to provide for her needs.

To the best of your ability you have saved different people from different degrees and manners of problems and troubles…yet even to the best of the best of your ability and for yourself, you cannot save her for Me.

The blessings abound, God has indeed been faithful. He has provided unto you and has yet not restricted you to have anything you want. Tell me [Moi], why did you fail to have her?

You know your capability when you are with acquaintances, family, classmates, in workplaces, house, churches, halls, balls, gatherings, out in the open public in general. You know what to give and what not to give, when to give and how to give. Yet you do not know what to give to her.

You know your personality when with acquaintances, family, classmates, in workplaces, houses, churches, halls, balls, out in the open public in general. You know what to say and what not to say, when to say and how to say. Yet you cannot control who you are around her.

You have never been tied down, you have never been troubled, you are skilled at leaving problems behind you. Count and count, number by number, times without number, I have seen you leave your “friends”, family, colleagues, places, houses, people… But now I have seen that you cannot leave her.

And yes Me asked Moi, I know you, I know my people, I know my parents, I know my acquaintances, I know my job, my pets, my food, my clothes, my hobbies, my property, my things, my neighbors, my name; I know my food, animals, places, things, I have knowledge of the sky, the earth, the hills, valleys, oceans and mountains and the public in general. Yet, Moi, I do not know who this “her” is.

Yes, Me, that is why you will fail her. You need to learn first how to love her…


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