Hallucinations of the Prinsediran VI: Random [Say To Them].

Listening to Moi again saying to me;

Say to them, “Dear people of God, I hate to believe the devil is much more innovative.” Tis he does because you have refused to walk in the ancient paths.

Say to your child, “When you interact with people, you’ll see the essence of all I’ve been teaching you, my dear child.”

Say to the writers and readers alike, “The more I read, the more I become a nobody, the more I become somebody else. I must write to stay alive.”

Say to them who hate and are hated alike, “People will hate you in the future, you must not be one of them [Love yourself].”

Say to unappreciated, “People will forget what you did for them… Learn to appreciate yourself.”

Say to the lover boy, “Do not underestimate love… If you fall into that pit with an ungrateful person… God bless your soul.”

Say to the ignorant, “You can’t pretend to be ignorant. You actually don’t know you don’t really know.”

Say to your wife, “Responsibility for an action that led to a reaction must be taken first before the reaction is discussed, dear wife.”

Identify with the heartbroken, “I lay all day feeling sorry that it is broken. It floats all day and night pumping more blood to keep us awake… Stupid heart.”

Say to the dark skinned, “The problem of Africa is Education. Yes, innovative people spend so much time reading for stupid exams.”

Say to the detective, “When you are being forced to tell a lie in place of the truth just to please those that didn’t believe you in the first place… Walk away from stupid people.”

Say to the defendant, “The most selfish form of self defence is people dwelling on counting your sins to avoid theirs from being counted [and people counting your blessings just to hide their own blessings].”

Say to the unhappy, “You can’t be faking happiness. You simply hate the idea of the wrong person actually making you happy once in a while.”

Say to the ‘Bounty’ hunter, “If on Sunday your neighbour tells you his son can do anything for chocolates and you can’t find your chocolates on Monday, the boy’s burial should be on Saturday, of course.”

Remember some people? The ones who think? Congratulate some people for they have succeeded in falling out of ‘love’ with you; remember we are still trying to do the same.

Say to the Lord, “I thank Thee for the gift of new eyes everyday, just like a new born baby, they’ll hurt when they are used too early, yet its a necessary pain to avert seeing hatred and the troubles of yesterday.”

Say to end time, “I hope my health doesn’t beat you to our grave”

Say to Moi, be calm now.

Be calm now, I’ll say to you again.


Namesmith: Rexuel

I love Spanish names, French names, Italian, Greek, and of course Wuzyburian- the names I put together as a Namesmith *wink* So, when you find it hard to pick a name for your child, you can always tell me the child’s story and I’ll coin a Wuzyburian name for you 🙂

A name means virtually whatever you label it to mean. Some names however have only one meaning, some sound like another name, and some names basically inspire you.

The seventh Wuzyburian name I’m presenting here is R E X U E L. Suitable for a Prince, a real Prince..

Rexuel: Coined from “Rex” (of Latin origin meaning “King”) and “El” (Hebrew for “God”).
I’d say this means “God is [my] King”.. You can help me define it better!

Short form: Rex, Eel.
Nick form: Rexy; X;
Happy mood: Rexy-Eelly;
Angry mood: REXUEL!!

Native Name Suggestion (In Nigerian Igbo):
Short form: N’ime; Mechi.
Nick form: Nimmy; Anny (Female); Meme.
Happy mood: Chi-Chi; Meme;
The name means “[I am] Hidden in God”…almost literally.

Name Suggestions:
* Female name: ONYX: From the natural fine-grained mineral used as gemstone; a way of signifying beauty, perhaps.
* Male name: LYNX: A member of the cat family; a way of signifying strength

Hallucinations of the Prinsediran V: [I Cannot Do] Without You

Today WE are three- me, moi and a rhythmic voice, loud and low, every second. And the voice spoke;

I live with you, I live in you, I live for you, I live from you, I live as you, I live around you, I live within you, but I cannot live without you.

I care for you, I care from you, I care in you, I care as you, I care about you, I [take] care of you, I care within you but I cannot care without you.

I love from you, I love as you, I love for you [your sake], I love in you, I love with you, I love within you and I cannot love without you.

I fear for you, I fear in you, I fear from you, I fear as you, I fear with you, I fear within you, but I cannot be afraid without you.

I laugh from you, I laugh like you, I laugh as you, I laugh for you, I laugh in you, I laugh around you, I laugh within you, I laugh at you [sometimes], but I surely cannot laugh without you.

I smile for you, I smile from you, I smile [because] of you, I smile in you, I smile at you, I smile about you, I smile with you, I smile as you, I smile within you, but I’ve never smiled without you.

I speak for you, I speak as you, I speak in you, I speak from you, I speak to you, I speak thru you, I speak with you, I speak within you but never without you.

I sweat for you, from you, as you, in you, with you, within you, but never without you.

I burn and hunger for you, with you, as you, as in you, in you and from you; within you of course, but without you, there is no hunger.

I fight for you, I fight with you, I fight from you, I fight in you, as you, within you, as in you, and surely there’s no fight without you.

I long for you, from you, with you, in you, as you, as in you, to [have] you, within you; no hope, no spark, no waiting, no holding on, no longing for nothing without you.

I die for you, I die as you, I die in you, I die from you, I die thru you, I die with you, I die within you, but I cannot die without you.

I break for you, from you, as you, in you, with you, within you, but I cannot be broken without you [your passion, your mistakes, never mine].

I beat in you, I beat for you, I beat as you, I beat from you, with you, thru you and within you, try I may, but yet, I cannot beat without you.

Look no further, my Prince, for I am here for you, from you, as you, in you, around you, thru you, because of you, with you, as in you, and very well within you, and I am not and have never for once been without you.
I am [your] heart, the [Prince] Agradable, be close now for all these ye also cannot do without me.

Me smiled, for I am me.