Hallucinations of the Prinsediran (IV): [I am] Falsely Accused

Feeling sad and angry about what Moi heard about Moi, Moi said to the ever present Me;

I have been falsely accused over and over again, nobody understands what I do, or why I do what I do. They just choose to misunderstand me all the time.

They say I cry easily, but sincerely speaking, I DON’T cry easily. I only happen to shed tears as a result of a strongly felt emotion, you know, it’s not as if I do that too often, just frequently, at very short intervals too. 😦

You can imagine being accused of being in love with someone, *spits out* I don’t love anybody for God’s sake! I just feel a profoundly tender, passionate affection for someone. A feeling of warm personal attachment and deep affection! That’s not love, is it??

Last night a fellow said I know how to sing. I totally don’t know how to sing, I’ve never sang in my whole life. Though I do make music with my voice, you know, use my voice to make words or sounds in a musical way.

Then a critic said I do hate some people; that got me thinking again. Some people also claim I hate them; that is so outrageous. I don’t hate anybody, I just dislike them intensely. Surely there’s nothing wrong with that.

Sometimes they also say I eat too much, and they are totally wrong again. I’m always fasting, just that I take in edible substances thru my mouth and swallow them every hour, every day, all year round, except when I’m asleep.

I don’t hate light as some people will want to believe. My eyes just have a very low tolerance for light, and I avoid it by every means possible.

I don’t talk too much! Do I even talk at all? I simply express myself by speaking readily, regularly, and at length too.

They also get this part wrong about me; I am so so not kindhearted! I am just friendly and sympathetic and sometimes generous by nature.

I am totally not a Christian as most people will accuse me of being one. I’m just a believer in Jesus Christ and I believe He is my Lord and Saviour.

I don’t write, unlike what some people keep saying. I just put down alphabets and notes and numbers on paper using a pen. Most times I just type them into my phone or laptop.

Don’t get this twisted, I don’t laugh! Why should I laugh? There’s no reason to laugh, absolutely none. I only make sounds from my throat while breathing out as a way of expressing amusement.

Likewise smiling… they also claim I smile, but I don’t really smile. I only raise the corners of my mouth cheerfully to express my happiness.

And then they’ll say I sleep too much, which in the right sense I don’t really sleep at all. Most times during the day and night my body just goes into a state of partial or full unconsciousness, I will be totally inactive and my eyes will be shut, snoring some of the time.

And when I was younger, I was cautioned about fighting other kids which I never did. I never fought anybody. Those days we only engaged in battles and single combat in an attempt to defend myself against another kid or to defeat, subdue or destroy another kid who was trying to defend himself against me.

All these while, I was totally innocent! 😦


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