Namesmith: Quincy-Africa

I love Spanish names, French names, Italian, Greek, and of course Wuzyburian- the names I put together as a Namesmith *wink* So, when you find it hard to pick a name for your child, you can always tell me the child’s story and I’ll coin a Wuzyburian name for you 🙂

A name means virtually whatever you label it to mean. Some names however have only one meaning, and some names basically inspire you.

The fifth Wuzyburian name I’m presenting here is QUINCY-AFRICA. Suitable for a fifth son [or rarely a daughter]. The name surely has to be given to an African, especially when he is special to the world even before the naming ceremony. Someone should call Angelina Jolie on phone!!

Quincy-Africa: Coined from “Quincy” (old French meaning “estate of the fifth son”) and “Africa” (just the continent of Africa)… I’d say this means “the African estate [roots] of the fifth son” (if adopted), or “the fifth son of the [African] soil.” You can help me define it better!
Short form: Quinfrey
Nick form: Quince
Happy mood: Quincy
Angry mood: QUINCY! *smh*

Native Name Suggestion (In Spanish):
AGRADABLE [De Buen Corazón]
Short form: A.G
Nick form: Dabby, Graddy
Happy mood: GeeDee-DeeBee.
Angry mood: Agradable
:-D. The name means “Kind-hearted”, “nice”.

Name Suggestions:
* Female name: NICOLE [Colette, Nikoleta, Nikolina, Nikki]. I’ve noticed the female variations of some male names sound cooler than their male counterparts… Nicole/Nicholas. Victoria/Victor. Gabriella/Gabriel. Ok Michael sounds better than Michelle. Nicole is of Greek origin, derived from Nicholas “victory of the people”, [Nikolaos: “Victory” (nikē) and “People” (laos)]
* Male name: RICHMOND


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