The Importance of Politics

I want to believe I’m not the only one that always see ‘troubled’ people… they are all around us. You have to take away selfishness to realise that you are quite blessed, and in return you must strive to be a blessing to others.

Looking out thru the window while travelling from one state to another in Nigeria, you’ll realise the imbalance in the state of living among Nigerians. Some states have taken the initiative to provide some basic rights for the locals, even though they end up tagging them as “social amenities/pleasantries” or “government achievement” and “bonuses”, many other states however have individuals who are greatly interested in enriching themselves alone, and maybe for the good bad leaders, their families and kinsmen will benefit too.
Sometimes you’ll see a young family of five being transported to school on one motorbike. It happens too fast, being just a passerby, you can’t get their names or address; now, how can you help if you have the means of helping? You could still see a young lady crying over the phone in a call centre, how can you tell what is wrong? Was she bullied? Is she in serious trouble? Does she need financial help- school fees? House rent? A critically sick parent? Feeding money? Neighbour trouble?
Then the sad site of little children chasing after the bus just to sell items for little money… Who will provide the platform for these families to be comfortable? Who will end the tale of “the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer.”

A lot of things contribute to poverty in a nation, but the main foundation is founded upon “high cost of living” (or invariably a very low income). A lot of things can cause high cost of living/low income- you know, the farmer could blame the high cost of transportation for the high cost of his food. The transport sector will very well blame the cost of petrol and bad roads. Even the roads themselves will give you a good reason why they are bad, if they could speak up. A lot of “genuine” reasons for the high cost of everything. We must however not fail to realise and acknowledge that the true reason for this high cost of living/low income is “corruption and greed” in the world.
A lot of people want to be KING, yes, I too want to be King, but everyone must not keep pushing for power just for the wealth and fame. Someone has got to repair the damages before it consumes us all.

That family of five riding on a motorbike is NOT the only family like that across the nation and believe me, there are even worse cases of discomfort and suffering. And these are headaches and heartaches caused by the insensitivity of those God has given authority and responsibility (some people will like to doubt that all authority on Heaven and earth does belong to God and He gives authority on whom he chooses- Ps. 115:16, Matt 28:18, Rom 13:1; not forgetting the ones He admits He doesn’t approve of- Hos. 8:4).
If you take a head count of people with problems that can be avoided or solved by people (Medical, educational, financial, nutritional, marital, etc), you’ll see they number out in millions. It is NOT enough to “pray” for them and “wish” them well. It is NOT enough to show concern just for your family and a selected few in your extended family. It is not enough to weep for the poor, tear your garments and wear sack cloths. If your faith is not strong enough to move mountains and make a rainfall of currencies (Pounds and Dollars to be precise), please dear, stop wasting your time “hoping for the best” and feeling like you are doing the world any good. There are many ways to affect the lives of millions of people and one big way is thru POLITICS.

There is still hope for the world. Yes, you’ve been made to see everything happening as a “sign” of end time. But then, should we sit and die hopelessly? Watching the nations fight? Watching hunger devour the land? Many of us are no better than the Mayans, at least they were brave enough to pick a date for the end of the world. I am not a prophet but I’ll let you know this one thing, the world is not “coming to an end” even in more than a hundred years time. There could be end of a world power, but certainly not the end of the world. You have to be up on your feet and take care of the earth God has given you. Work hard for peace and prosperity, feed and educate the nation, save them from the temptation of crime and war. Think of your kids, the ones yet to come, their friends and families, your grand children, your cousins and their own future families, your community, your nation, what are you doing to make the world a better place? If the world decides today to cut down the cost of living everywhere, will any alien from Mars sue humanity? Greed has indeed crippled goodwill and charity.
When you feel you want to be a politician, don’t forget that all these are the importance of politics, not in accumulating wealth for your own self.


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