Delusions of Prinsdeur: Introduction

Since men love to move faster than their own shadows, like trying to bring the world to an end on 21/12/12 simply by believing in the Mayan calender, I have decided not to wait any longer. There’s no light yet to form my shadow but I’m well on my way already. God’s time/plan is the best, but dreams can’t harm anyone. Hopelessness certainly harms. When you’ve dreamt too large you’ll surely begin to see the hopelessness in others. You can call me deluded but this is all I can see about me right now. No, not the future. It is right now. If a thousand years is like a day in the eyes of God, haba, as a mere man, an impatient man like moi, a day is like a week in my eyes, and a week is just over a month in my eyes. Hence, I’ll tell you about my monthly life weekly!! That’s if I don’t become so busy doing the things you’ll see here.

So, to stay connected with the stories of the deluded man who is faster than his shadow, do check on my Delusions category for the “Delusions of Prinsdeur”


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