Namesmith: Anthokinesis

I love Spanish names, French names, Italian, Greek, and of course Wuzyburian- the names I put together as a Namesmith *wink* So, when you find it hard to pick a name for your child, you can always tell me the child’s story and I’ll coin a wuzyburian name for you.

Well, the first name I’ll present here is quite funny, but touching (that’s if you’ve read my short story “Codename: Anthokinesis” on Amazon: The name is ANTHOKINESIS. Suitable for an adopted child who is really lucky to have parents again. Please, if you are sure you won’t be a caring foster parent, don’t bother calling the baby Anthokinesis.

Anthokinesis is the story of a kid who got help from a charity club to achieve his dreams. Coined from “Antho-” (Flowers, which could represent a GIFT, a sign of love, new fragrance, beauty) and “Kinesis” (representing movement)… I’d say this is moving of a rare gift to a place where it wouldn’t have been, and affecting a life positively (Gift presentation). You can help me define it better!
Short form: Anthy, Thokie
Nick form: A.k
Happy mood: Anthy (male); Kinny (female)
Angry mood: ANTHOKINESIS *lol*

* Female name: JASMINE (It is only cute if you pronounce the name with a good baritone voice).
* Male name: ARTHUR (Very old name, suddenly fell in love with it again. Nah, I don’t like Joshua!)


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