Hallucinations of the Prinsediran II: The Circle [of Nothingness]

Nothing good comes easy. Nothing good is achieved using bad methods. Nothing true is preserved with lies. Nothing bad is kept for a good reason. Nothing bad is worth a good name. Nothing that has been used is worth its original usefulness (After taking the content of a bottle of coke, it is obviously not a bottle of refreshing coke anymore… It is an empty bottle. That is how a lot of people define their old friendships. Same can be said of a plate of food, garnished beautifully with nice stuff. At the first sight, it looks palatable, lovely, inviting… during the eating it is delicious, sweet (or maybe not), but when its finished, when the purpose of the meal is done, the empty plate is dirty, not worth much anymore… Hence the boldness to call the plate all sorts of names, “dirty”, “pathetic”, “some kinds of food should not be forced on the hungry”)..

Nothing big should be rendered a small meaning.
“No topic should be said to be “simply defined as” (Prof. Ed Nwobodo). Yet everyone is claiming to know how to define life, love, likeness and loyalty.

Nothing is worth more than a first love… they are not sure of how exactly to walk away from your life. Nothing is more dangerous and insecure than a second love… they are skilled at leaving when they suspect a storm coming.

Nothing is more precious to a troubled mind than the grace of God. Nothing is more consistent than the word of God..He can’t deny saying them, and they can’t be called lies. Nothing should belittle the Glory of the Father and the Son.

Nothing is as sweet as honey?? Nah.. Privacy is sweeter than honey. Too many ears will spoil the story.

Nothing can replace another human being cell for cell… Supplements are not solutions; an improvement maybe. One can’t deny the comforting powers of the supplements sha.

As for me, I can decide that nothing in this world can make me smile… yeah, nothing is as silly as lying to myself.

Nothing will make you escape the “circle of nothingness”, at a point, once in a while, something keeps a man moving in circles and not getting to the finish line.

Nothing will secure you a lot of ‘friends’ more than PROGRESS. Nothing will show you your friends better than SADNESS. Nothing will prove your faith better than temptations. Nothing will draw one closer to God other than trials. Nothing will give a man true purpose to work more than thinking of a family.

Nothing will make you agree with me if you hate me. Nothing will make you disagree with me if you love me blindly.

Nothing ‘enslaves’ a man more than listening to and obeying every instruction of a fellow man… the secret desire of many such men is to be like Jesus (not to be as holy as He is, but to have followers as He did, and most falsely ‘start a religion’ as Christ did).

Nothing helps you think more than your own brain.
Nothing will tell you the saddest truth other than your heart or whoever that lives in it.
Nothing will tell you the sweetest lies other than your heart or whoever that lives in it.
Hence nothing is more reasonable than listening to your heart carefully; both the truths n lies, and the half truths are designed to protect you, naturally. Ask ur heart.

Nothing is mankind’s biggest problem other than loneliness: [“a sense of isolation, deprivation and worthlessness”- Selwyn Hughes]. Nothing can heal such more than the Bible. But if you can trust men, then it should be for love. If you love someone, nothing will pay more than telling them plainly. And when you finally hate them, nothing, not even the biggest amount of excuses, can save you the stress of informing them u finally hate them.

Now remember this, NOTHING can be the only thing. Yeah read again and see that Nothing is not the only thing. And that one thing cannot be the only thing.


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