Namesmith: Diosophilia

I love Spanish names, French names, Italian, Greek, and of course Wuzyburian- the names I put together as a Namesmith *wink* So, when you find it hard to pick a name for your child, you can always tell me the child’s story and I’ll coin a Wuzyburian name for you.

A name means virtually whatever you label it to mean.

The second name I’ll present here is one of the “Game names” I give to kids back then in ACM (Anglican Children Ministry), they participate in Bible quizzes and game shows to win a Name as part of the prizes. I was coining one for a certain girl called ‘Ifunanya’ (Love, in Igbo language).
The name is DIOSOPHILIA. Suitable for a Princess, though a son can still bear the name.

Diosophilia: Coined from “Dios” (meaning “God Almighty” in Spanish) and “Philia” (meaning close friendship or brotherly love in Greek)… I’d say this is the brotherly Love of God, or better yet, God is Love (1Jn4:8b). You can help me define it better!
Short form: Philly (male); Sophie (Female)

Native Name (In Nigerian Igbo Language):
Short form: Zapu
Nick form: Zee
Happy mood: ZeeZee; Zeendi
I might name my son this very name, Zapundiro. 😀 It means “conquering the enemies of God”… Not literally sha.

Name Suggestions:
* Female name: This one is quite personal for me. I intend to adopt a girl before I get married, probably by the end of 2013 (the adoption o, not the marriage). I’ll name her “K.K JEMIMA” (A triple beauty she’ll be… All three daughters of Job in one cute baby: Keziah Karen-happuch Jemima (Job 42:14)
* Male name: OSCAR (Once again an old name that suddenly turned beautiful, unlike the name Joseph).


Top 10 Movies I Saw in 2012

They may be old, but they were worth the time. I can’t make any comments on them right now…its Christmas eve you know!

1. August Rush (Music is all around us, all you need to do is listen).
2. Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Gahoole (I am still working on my evil stare)
3. I am Number Four
4. Source Code
5. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
6. The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn
7. The Other End of the Line
8. The Illusionist
9. Evan Almighty
10. Machine Gun Preacher

Smileys Are Needed

I don’t know what age I’ll get to before I see smileys as irrelevant. For now, I just love them and where they seem not to exist, I improvise *grin* 😀

Surprisingly, 2go ( has the smiliest set of smileys, although there are no *ROTF* or *dancing* or *eyelashes* as found on BBM. Maybe I love the smileys on 2go because that was where I normally chat with my first love *nods*. I played ‘smiley games’ most times and my heart will skip whenever I see the sad face smiley on 2go, gosh, that smiley looks so so sad and I always avoid using it unless I’m indeed sad. The ‘craziest’ smiley on 2go is the ‘devil’, it has a big grin on, a total mockery of the devil. The devil on BBM is just funny and looking very mischievous while the angel on BBM looks so holy that anyone who uses it is simply accused of blasphemy. The ‘cry’ smiley on BBM makes me laugh. Lol.. it can only represent a kid crying for a 6th bowl of ice-cream during the Christmas holiday.

Only cartoons or cartoon-men use smiley-like expressions when talking face to face with someone. For me, smileys represent the intonation of my voice, the intention of the swear word I’ll use on you and how I want you to interpret it.

“Yes, you are an idiot! *grin*” and “Yes, you are an idiot! *straight face*” doesn’t exactly mean the same thing. One is apparently a joke/sarcasm and the other simply means “you are an idiot, go to your room and think about it!”

Before I forget, whatsapp should work on their smileys, they look like imbeciles, apart from the happy faces sha *smiling*. Hey, enough already… See you later.

Delusions of Prinsdeur: Introduction

Since men love to move faster than their own shadows, like trying to bring the world to an end on 21/12/12 simply by believing in the Mayan calender, I have decided not to wait any longer. There’s no light yet to form my shadow but I’m well on my way already. God’s time/plan is the best, but dreams can’t harm anyone. Hopelessness certainly harms. When you’ve dreamt too large you’ll surely begin to see the hopelessness in others. You can call me deluded but this is all I can see about me right now. No, not the future. It is right now. If a thousand years is like a day in the eyes of God, haba, as a mere man, an impatient man like moi, a day is like a week in my eyes, and a week is just over a month in my eyes. Hence, I’ll tell you about my monthly life weekly!! That’s if I don’t become so busy doing the things you’ll see here.

So, to stay connected with the stories of the deluded man who is faster than his shadow, do check on my Delusions category for the “Delusions of Prinsdeur”

Scriptwriting: Setting Up An Emotional Moment- WRITTEN BY HAL CROASMUN

Have you ever noticed that even though a great story has big moments, it is also filled with many small emotional moments?

As I watched “FOR LOVE OF THE GAME,” there was a small emotional moment in the story that surprised me. In the eighth inning, an outfielder catches a ball that would have gone over the wall and been a home run. Normally, you’d feel excitement or relief at something like that, but the feeling was deeper — more like redemption.

Why did we feel redemption? Because the writer set it up. Not the director, or actor, or producer, or even the studio. The writer designed that moment.

Naturally, I began searching for what caused that emotion. As always, my purpose is to discover the structure so you and I can duplicate the feat of turning a typical scene into a deep emotional one.



A negative occurs that has an emotional impact on a character. It upsets, humiliates, embarrasses, exposes, etc. the character. Or it could even be a limitation that the character expresses as a positive. (You’ll see that in one of the PRETTY WOMAN examples below.) But first, the negative from FOR LOVE OF THE GAME:

The catcher laughs with Kevin Costner about how ESPN always plays the shot of Mickey Hart, an outfielder, who goes to the wall to catch a potential homerun, but the ball hits him on the head and bounces over the wall.

Then, we flashback and watch the painful event happen.


The impact of the negative is shown.

In the locker room, Mickey is humiliated that this happened to him. He says to Kevin Costner “It will probably end up on ESPN.” Kevin gives him advice about not helping the media to make a fool out of him.

Obviously, they did make a fool out of him and that’s why the catcher is laughing about how they always play it on ESPN.


The character overcomes the negative.

It’s the eighth inning, just when it looks like Kevin Costner is going to have a “perfect game” with no hits and no men on base, a long fly ball goes out to Mickey Hart’s wall. He runs to the wall, jumps and catches it just over the top of the wall.


Other characters recognize the change

Suddenly, other characters are shouting “We love you, Mickey Hart.” Kevin Costner nods at him in approval. And the man who was so humiliated is the one who saves the day.

There it is. We feel so glad that Mickey Hart has redeemed himself and that other players and the media are showing him respect again. Why? Because the emotion was designed into the setup. By humiliating Mickey Hart in the beginning, there was the chance to have a much more dramatic emotion when we redeemed him.

Now that I’ve recognized this structure, I realize it is in almost every movie I’ve seen. To prove my case, let me present five of the ten (or more) times it is in the movie PRETTY WOMAN. As you read through these, it will become more clear how this structure works and the absolute need for it.

Each one of these is designed to create an emotional experience for the audience and to cause a “believable change” in one or more characters.





Vivian is sent out on a mission to get some clothes for an upscale dinner. She finds a store on Rodeo Drive. Dressed in her hooker clothes, she goes in and instantly gets dirty looks. She finds a dress and asks how much it is.

But both of the stuck up clerks refuse to wait on her. Finally, they say, “I don’t think we have anything for you. You’re obviously in the wrong place. Please leave.”


Humiliated, Vivian walks out. Now she knows that she doesn’t fit in. Upon return to the hotel, she is taken to the office by the Hotel manager and interrogated. Once again, humiliated.


The hotel manager sets her up with Bridgette to get her a new dress.


When Edward comes in and sees her dressed like a lady for the first time, he stares. She says, “You’re late.” He responds, “You’re stunning.” She laughs; “You’re forgiven.”

There is a second time where recognition comes: After a day of shopping and being “sucked up to,” she returns to the first shop, dressed well and with shopping bags from big stores. She walks to the stuck up sales lady who refused to wait on her and says “Remember me? I was in here yesterday. You wouldn’t wait on me. You work on commission, right?… Big mistake. Huge. I have to go shopping now.” She walks out, leaving behind a confused salesperson.




The Hotel manager spots Vivian coming in wearing her hooker  clothes and takes her into his office. He interrogates her and lets her know in no uncertain terms that when Edward is gone, she is not to come around the hotel again.


Vivian is very upset. She has been treated badly by many people and is humiliated that she can’t get clothes to look the part. She begs for his help. She thinks he is calling the cops when he dials Bridgette to help her get clothes.


He helps her with clothes and teaches her dinner manners. She tells him that he’s “cool.”


When she leaves, the manager kisses her hand and says “It’s been a pleasure knowing you. Come and visit us again some time.”

When Edward is checking out, the hotel manager looks at the jewels Edward has asked him to return to the jewelry store. He says, “Must be difficult to let go of something so beautiful.” Edward nods. “You know, Darrel also drove Miss Vivian home yesterday.”




Edward tells his attorney, Phil, that Vivian is a hooker, not a corporate spy who is trying to get information from him. Then Phil approaches Vivian and tells her he knows. Even tries to set up a date with her.


Vivian is humiliated. She and Edward argue. She calls him an asshole and freaks out emotionally. They insult each other. She demands he pay her. He tosses the money on the bed.


She leaves the room, but without the money. When he sees that she left the money, he comes out to the elevator and apologizes for real. He asks her to stay. Tells her he was jealous of her talking to another guy.


She chooses to stay and he starts treating her like a woman, instead of a hooker. From that point on, they interact like a couple. He says, “I think you are a very bright, very special woman.”




Edward tells Vivian that he buys companies and breaks them up and sells the pieces for more than the cost of the whole. Vivian responds, “So it’s sort like stealing cars and selling them for parts.”


Most of the business conflict is over Edward trying to take over Morris Industries and tear it apart. Mr. Morris, the 65-year-old says, “I’m sure you understand that I’m not thrilled with the idea of turning 40 years of my work into your garage sale…Leave my company alone.” As he is leaving, he says to Edward, “Watch out, Lewis. I’m going to tear you apart.”

Vivian recaps the evening and says, “The problem is, I think you like Mr. Morris.” She tells her philosophy on turning tricks. Edward says, “You and I are such similar creatures. We both screw people for money.”


After a series of negotiations and hard ball moves, Edward neglects to call the bank and have a loan that Mr. Morris applied for canceled. Edward talks about how he used to play with blocks, building things, instead of tearing them apart.

In the final meeting, when Mr. Lewis gives in, Edward tells Mr. Morris that he has changed his mind about breaking his company apart. Instead, he wants to protect it and be partners with Mr Morris.


Mr. Morris compliments him: “I don’t know how to say this without sounding condescending, but…I’m proud of you.”




Edward makes a light attempt to kiss Vivian, but she shuns him. When she’s about to have sex with him, she says “What do you want?” He says “What do you do?” She replies: “Everything, but I don’t kiss on the mouth.” They have sex, but no kissing.

She later tells him “Kit is always saying to me; don’t get emotional when you turn tricks. That’s why no kissing. It’s too personal.”

Then they have a sex scene on the piano where he tries to kiss her twice, but she refuses each advance.


As long as they don’t kiss, they’re not really in a relationship.


After having the “She’s a hooker” argument, he starts treating her like a person. They go to the opera on a “real date.” Upon returning, she kisses him and they make love for real.


At lunch with Kit, Vivian says “Edward asked me if I wanted to see him again, but I think not.” Kit says “Oh, no. I know this weepy look on your face. You fell in love with him, didn’t you?” Vivian denies it. Kit says “You fell in love with him. Did you kiss him on the mouth?” Vivian admits she did. They banter back and forth about whether the relationship could work out, but clearly, she is in love.



Essentially, these are little vignettes that play out in your script. Most of them will be in the background of the real story. Some will be complete subplots, but others will blend into scenes in ways that are virtually unnoticeable.

If you are trying to create an emotional moment, look to see if it has been set up properly. If it hasn’t, then set it up to have the elements of this structure.

You could start with the event you want to be emotional. Let’s say you have a teenaged female character whose father asks her to drive. It’s not a very emotional moment in a story that is all about her first love. But let’s see if using this structure can give this one moment some emotion.



Her brother is one year older and when he gets his learners permit, she watches her father gloat over what a good driver he is. But when it comes time for her to learn to drive, he tells her mother to teach her. The daughter takes that as evidence that her father doesn’t believe in her.


She cries the whole time her mom is teaching her to drive. Once she has her driver’s license, she expects to drive with her father, but he hands the keys to the brother. More upset.


She has an argument with her brother about who gets to drive. The dad overhears it. The next day, he has a special event downtown and hands her the keys. “I was hoping you’d drive me today.”


In the car, he tells her a secret. “You’re a much better at most things than your brother, so I kinda wanted to give him something to be proud of. I’m sorry that it hurt you.”


Okay, it’s not brilliant, but it shows that in about two minutes, you can elevate the emotion of an event just by setting it up well. And this vignette could be one of those that plays in the background as she struggles with her identity.

If you’ve ever had a moment that you thought should be emotional, but either wasn’t or it came off as corny, this may be the solution you need. You can keep the moment if you just set it up well.

Great dialogue is instrumental in raising the level of emotion in your scenes and setting them up well; There’s a great class for improving your dialogue in “Advanced Dialogue Screenwriting Class” that covers this and more. (Visit

Namesmith: Anthokinesis

I love Spanish names, French names, Italian, Greek, and of course Wuzyburian- the names I put together as a Namesmith *wink* So, when you find it hard to pick a name for your child, you can always tell me the child’s story and I’ll coin a wuzyburian name for you.

Well, the first name I’ll present here is quite funny, but touching (that’s if you’ve read my short story “Codename: Anthokinesis” on Amazon: The name is ANTHOKINESIS. Suitable for an adopted child who is really lucky to have parents again. Please, if you are sure you won’t be a caring foster parent, don’t bother calling the baby Anthokinesis.

Anthokinesis is the story of a kid who got help from a charity club to achieve his dreams. Coined from “Antho-” (Flowers, which could represent a GIFT, a sign of love, new fragrance, beauty) and “Kinesis” (representing movement)… I’d say this is moving of a rare gift to a place where it wouldn’t have been, and affecting a life positively (Gift presentation). You can help me define it better!
Short form: Anthy, Thokie
Nick form: A.k
Happy mood: Anthy (male); Kinny (female)
Angry mood: ANTHOKINESIS *lol*

* Female name: JASMINE (It is only cute if you pronounce the name with a good baritone voice).
* Male name: ARTHUR (Very old name, suddenly fell in love with it again. Nah, I don’t like Joshua!)

Hallucinations of the Prinsediran II: The Circle [of Nothingness]

Nothing good comes easy. Nothing good is achieved using bad methods. Nothing true is preserved with lies. Nothing bad is kept for a good reason. Nothing bad is worth a good name. Nothing that has been used is worth its original usefulness (After taking the content of a bottle of coke, it is obviously not a bottle of refreshing coke anymore… It is an empty bottle. That is how a lot of people define their old friendships. Same can be said of a plate of food, garnished beautifully with nice stuff. At the first sight, it looks palatable, lovely, inviting… during the eating it is delicious, sweet (or maybe not), but when its finished, when the purpose of the meal is done, the empty plate is dirty, not worth much anymore… Hence the boldness to call the plate all sorts of names, “dirty”, “pathetic”, “some kinds of food should not be forced on the hungry”)..

Nothing big should be rendered a small meaning.
“No topic should be said to be “simply defined as” (Prof. Ed Nwobodo). Yet everyone is claiming to know how to define life, love, likeness and loyalty.

Nothing is worth more than a first love… they are not sure of how exactly to walk away from your life. Nothing is more dangerous and insecure than a second love… they are skilled at leaving when they suspect a storm coming.

Nothing is more precious to a troubled mind than the grace of God. Nothing is more consistent than the word of God..He can’t deny saying them, and they can’t be called lies. Nothing should belittle the Glory of the Father and the Son.

Nothing is as sweet as honey?? Nah.. Privacy is sweeter than honey. Too many ears will spoil the story.

Nothing can replace another human being cell for cell… Supplements are not solutions; an improvement maybe. One can’t deny the comforting powers of the supplements sha.

As for me, I can decide that nothing in this world can make me smile… yeah, nothing is as silly as lying to myself.

Nothing will make you escape the “circle of nothingness”, at a point, once in a while, something keeps a man moving in circles and not getting to the finish line.

Nothing will secure you a lot of ‘friends’ more than PROGRESS. Nothing will show you your friends better than SADNESS. Nothing will prove your faith better than temptations. Nothing will draw one closer to God other than trials. Nothing will give a man true purpose to work more than thinking of a family.

Nothing will make you agree with me if you hate me. Nothing will make you disagree with me if you love me blindly.

Nothing ‘enslaves’ a man more than listening to and obeying every instruction of a fellow man… the secret desire of many such men is to be like Jesus (not to be as holy as He is, but to have followers as He did, and most falsely ‘start a religion’ as Christ did).

Nothing helps you think more than your own brain.
Nothing will tell you the saddest truth other than your heart or whoever that lives in it.
Nothing will tell you the sweetest lies other than your heart or whoever that lives in it.
Hence nothing is more reasonable than listening to your heart carefully; both the truths n lies, and the half truths are designed to protect you, naturally. Ask ur heart.

Nothing is mankind’s biggest problem other than loneliness: [“a sense of isolation, deprivation and worthlessness”- Selwyn Hughes]. Nothing can heal such more than the Bible. But if you can trust men, then it should be for love. If you love someone, nothing will pay more than telling them plainly. And when you finally hate them, nothing, not even the biggest amount of excuses, can save you the stress of informing them u finally hate them.

Now remember this, NOTHING can be the only thing. Yeah read again and see that Nothing is not the only thing. And that one thing cannot be the only thing.

Reading the list I was like “Oh my… Where is Goodluck Jonathan??” He really mattered to at least 160million people. Yes the keyword there is “at least!!”. Maybe he should fight a civil war like Assad, or get married to a royalty like Kate Middleton, or perhaps swim across the flooded areas in Nigeria to make the list before Micheal Phelps. Jay Z?? *sighs* And who is Susan Rice, a brand of rice?? She mattered just for peddling a misleading information, at least that’s what the Republicans think. And that awkward name “Pussy Riot”, I wonder. So, being the head of the D8 Nations at some point counts for nothing. Intervening in regional crisis across West Africa too. Nigerians need to learn how to elect people that will make a good use of all the opportunities they’ll have as leaders. Better still, Nigerians need to learn how to stop complaining about people that don’t matter… at least that is what Time is suggesting.

See the full list on (Follow the link below):
TIME: Meet the 50 people who mattered in 2012 | #POY2012

People Who Mattered in 2012

Bashar Assad,
Ben Bernanke,
Jeff Bezos,
John Boehner,
Chris Christie,
Hillary Clinton,
Bill Clinton,
Stephen Colbert,
Claire Danes,
Gabby Douglas,
Mario Draghi,
Lena Dunham,
Sandra Fluke,
Roger Goodell,
Klaus Jacob,
E.L. James,
Xi Jinping,
Paul Kagame,
Imran Khan,
Christine Lagarde,
Erik Martin and Violentacrez,
Trayvon Martin,
Marissa Mayer,
Angela Merkel,
Khaled Meshal,
Kate Middleton
Enrique Peña Nieto,
Benjamin Netanyahu,
Frank Ocean,
Michelle Obama,
Larry Page,
Jonah Peretti,
David Petraeus,
Michael Phelps,
Pussy Riot,
Susan Rice,
John Roberts,
Mitt Romney,
Paul Ryan,
Thein Sein,
Nate Silver,
Anne-Marie Slaughter,
Jon Stewart,
Aung San Suu Kyi,
Undocumented Immigrants,
Kim Jong Un,
Kate Upton,
Elizabeth Warren.

Reading the list I was like “Oh my… Where is Goodluck Jonathan??” He really mattered to at least 160million people. Yes the keyword there is “at least!!”. Maybe he should fight a civil war like Assad, or get married to a royalty like Kate Middleton, or perhaps swim across the flooded areas in Nigeria to […]

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